Pharrell Williams

Branding and logo design outcome for Pharrell Williams. Having been familiar with Pharrell Williams and his music, I conducted extensive research that focused on the fashion industry, minimalism and music to create this bespoke branding concept.   Includes: Branding Logo Design Merchandise      

Liam Mann Photography

  Branding and collaboration project, I conducted extensive research on various branding concepts and carefully constructed this bespoke, branding outcome for Liam Mann Photography. Images courtesy of Liam Mann Photography © Includes: Branding Collaboration Logo Design      

Grand Café

  Branding, packaging and logo design campaign outcome for Grand Café Coffee. The objective was to produce a modern-day bespoke coffee logo that would be used on Coffee packaging. All Coffee-drinking consumers were the target audience. Having an interest in the Coffee trade consisted with the extensive research to produce a minimal, modern and bespoke… More Grand Café


  Branding and logo design outcome for a new and updated Metro transportation system. This concept was produced after extensively researching the history of train transportation. The outcome is bespoke, modern and minimal.   Includes: Branding Logo design  

Crown Dentistry

  Branding and logo design outcome for Crown Dentistry. Having a keen personal interest in health and well-being, I created this dentistry concept, researched extensively and created this logo for this re-brand project. Includes: Branding Logo design        

Knockout Boxing

  Brand identity, logo and responsive web design produced for Knockout Boxing. Having interest in the sweet science became extremely beneficial prior extensively researching this project. Includes: Brand identity Logo design Responsive web design